What not to do when driving

Accidents on the roads may probably because of us not taking caution when steering the wheel. There are actually some things we keep on doing while driving even though we know it may put us in danger. Thus, we still need to remind ourselves what we should avoid doing while on the road.


These two don’t naturally match, but driving while drunk still happens. Yet, many people still tend to combine these two. Alcohol can cloud our judgment so that is not a really good companion for a driver. It can affect the vision of the driver, which is highly used in roads. If you think you are driving, don’t drink. But if you are drunk, it’s really simple: don’t risk driving. It’s not worth it.


Yes, the busy you. Doing a lot of things at once. However, that’s not really the case when traversing the busy roads. You actually have a lot of things on your plate when driving, like managing the wheel and hitting on the gas, don’t even attempt taking a glance at the phone. That quick looking away may be the difference between safety and accidents. If you have children with you to look constantly look after, train them to behave on the car or ask help from someone.

Over speeding

The speed limit is there for a reason: it’s to maintain the order and safety in the road. If you go beyond that, you may not expect what lies ahead of the road. When you drive on a moderate speed, then you can still be in control of your driving with other vehicles. It gives you more the allowance to adjust if there is impending danger on the other drivers’ end.

Beating the red light

When you try to beat the red light, you are not only increasing the risk of possible disastrous aftermath, but also elevating the chances of criminal sentences. Maximizing what’s left of the green light is not worth all of it when you’ve ended up regretting.


Don’t be too close on the vehicle that’s in front of you. Always allow a safe distance between your vehicle and the one that is ahead of you, which should be at least two seconds in terms of time. This helps when the vehicle in your front had an abrupt stop, there’s room for you to adjust.

No headlights

If it is extremely dark, don’t rely on your intuition or your familiarity with the place. When there are no other discernable light source, your car should have. If it is broken, don’t risk still driving it around. If you need replacement of your headlights or any other car components that is crucial to your driving, inquire at Stud Road Panels. Telling these don’ts to others are easy, but applying them on ourselves may be a bit hard. But with enough discipline and constant practice of being safe on the road, it will be easier in the end.

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