Places to Visit in China

China is home to some of the most breathtaking natural sights and man-made wonders. You will never be bored or idle while your stay. The Chinese culture is vast and diverse, with a history of more than 3000 years, and hence you will have many things to explore such as Chinese poetry, art, festivals and so much more. So here are some of the places you have to visit while you are in china.

  1. The great wall of china

It is almost as you haven’t visited china if you didn’t see the great wall. Named as one of the seven world wonders, this is known to be the only man-made structure that can be seen from the moon. It spreads up to around 5000km, from china’s western frontier to the east coast. Each part of it was built by different kings in different dynasties for the purpose of protecting from invasion and to develop the silk trade route. The best maintained section is close to Beijing so you can access that part only. Even if you are at galaxy Macau package, you can arrange for trips here.

  1. Forbidden City

Situated in the centre of Beijing, the Forbidden City is the largest surviving imperial palace in the world. You can witness spectacular architecture with regard to its walls, royal halls, traditional gardens etc. The walls are adorned with mesmerizing artwork, full of colour. The land is said to be the area of 80 football fields. Ancient Chinese believed that the emperor was bestowed with heaven’s supreme power and hence only such high society people were allowed inside the city. Common people were prohibited from entering, hence the name Forbidden City. Arrange for sightseeing trips with your grand coloane resort package.

  1. Li river

Li River is said to be a piece of heaven, where the crystal clear waters with the reflection of clouds make it look like it’s floating up in the sky. The river banks are filled with bamboo groves, farming villages, hills and steep cliffs etc. The river features a cruise ride for the more luxury seekers and bamboo rafting for the ones who like a challenge. You can even arrange for an English speaking tour guide. This is a great place to hike too, where you can walk along the banks, climb up some hills and rocks and enjoy breathtaking views. A new addition has been done where now you can take a helicopter to view the waters from up high.


  1. Yellow mountains

Don’t expect to see mountains yellow in colour since that is not how the name originated. It is related to ancient Chinese myths on the Yellow Emperor. This mountain range has oddly shaped rocks, unusually named pines, seas of cloud that fly below the viewers, hot water springs etc.



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