Little known places in Australia

Most people go to Australia for studies which indirectly would also refer for their PR (permanent residence) in Australia. Australia is a big country and is looking for people to come, live and experience their culture. They are similar to UK with their culture and craziness for the royal family. However, Australia is not only a country to migrate and settle in; they are also good place to travel to.

Travel to Australia for tourism

They are well known tourist destination for their beaches, acquiring natural tans and the limitless supply of good looking surfers. However, Australia is not all about these insignificant things. Australia has its amazing history; stories and wildlife hidden in them that people often tend to oversee. After all, there are people who think that Australia is only serves as home to Kangaroos when they have a much diverse wildlife. There are well known places in Australia like Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Great Barrier Reef and several other places which attract tourists like bees. However, here is a list of places that you need to visit when you make your trip to Australia that is often thrown away from the normal tourism.

Path that is less travelled!

Sutherland shire place is a huge hit among Hollywood with it being featured in several reality television series. You will also be able to find great tattoo shops in Sutherland Shire. In addition to that, there are several significant parks and reserves like Caravan Head Bushland Reserve, Royal National Park, and Towra Point Nature Reserve among others. You will be able to get a full on Aussie experience in this place since it is often featured in different series and movies. You will also be able to find the oldest commuter ferry operating in Australia if you make to Cronulla in morning. There are also some great museums like Sydney Tramway Museum in this area. Tasmania is a great place to visit that gets great praise from people who visited it.  Tasmania is filled with wilderness and natural product with its endless supply of hiking tracks for the adventurous spirit.

Everyone talks about the Great Barrier Reef. But, no one cares about reefs like Ningaloo reef in Western Australia. Ningaloo reef is similar to Great Barrier Reef but with less tourists and population. Moreover, it is chiefly here you can swim with the great whale sharks and experience the once in your lifetime experience.

In addition to that, there are several other places that you can visit and deviate from the general tourist attractions which would make you feels better about your trip to the beautiful continent and would certainly add to your experience.

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